DeepReg is distributed on PyPI. To create new releases, you can follow the below instructions to automatically submit new versions to PyPI via our GitHub Actions workflow.

Creating a new Release

From the main DeepReg repository page, head to releases. From here, you can draft a new release.

Tagging & Titling

We follow semver naming conventions for tags, with vX.Y.Z where each represents major, minor, and patch release versions.


Major version: when you make incompatible API changes,

Minor version: when you add functionality in a backwards compatible manner, and

Patch version: when you make backwards compatible bug fixes.

Typically, most releases will be an increment of the minor or patch versions.

Enter the new version in the format vX.Y.Z into the “Tag version” and “Release title” fields of the draft a release page.


Click the “Publish release” button, and our GitHub Action workflow will handle the rest.

It’s recommended that you check the output log from the GitHub Actions page to make sure everything went as planned for the release.